Land Transportation

Integral management of all operational variables associated with the transport service, from processing plant, warehouse or packing to final destination

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Being a relevant actor within the logistics chain, we offer you different alternatives for the transportation of your cargo adding value at each stage to its final destination.

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Ground Transportation includes

  • Cargo pick up at point of origin
  • Expert team at the service of your cargo
  • Traceability reports of your cargo

Ground Transportation route at origin

Service request through the web platform

Coordination of loading schedule

Container pick up

Loading at origin

Ground tracking control and reporting

Delivery at port

Inland transport route at destination

Arrival at destination port


Arrival at final destination


Specialist team controlling your cargo

  • Our commercial and customer service team is available to provide you with the necessary support so that your operations are carried out optimally.

Traceability Reports

  • Our Ground Transportation service is supported by a real-time platform where you will be able to know the status of the route of your land cargo through milestones.

Integral Transportation tailored to your needs

  • Services at origin and destination.
  • We maintain long-term relationships with our main suppliers in order to meet your requirements.

Customer Experience

“Working with UCC has been and continues to be a very satisfactory and valuable experience, one of its main characteristics is its excellent service, which is provided by highly trained people in their different areas and above all by people committed to achieving the final objective, which is to provide the client with an efficient operational scheme with all the necessary tools to facilitate and finalize each logistics process in an efficient way, with the added value of being able to convey to the client the security and support that they have a solid and serious company , I consider that UCC is a company with great potential to continue innovating in the development of new elements in the logistics chain "

Eduardo Cortés

International Buyer, Fruta Internacional, Costa Rica

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