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Uncontrolled rise in maritime rates has importers and exporters in distress

Global average price to move a container reached $ 11,000 in September, from $ 3,450 in January; Government says it analyzes request to vary tax base in this situation

The main global operators of maritime freight transport have recognized the upward revision of their expectations of results for this year, in view of the constant growth of freight rates.

The constant uncontrolled rise in global maritime rates has Costa Rican importers and exporters in distress, while the Government analyzes a request from businessmen to vary the tax base, given the impact of this situation.

Jairo Mena, economic advisor to the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (CCCR), explained that some days last September the average annual ocean freight for a container reached $ 11,000, which is “crazy” when compared to the average cost of $ 3,450, last January.

Fuente: La Nación


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