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Logistical problems can have disastrous effects on Chilean fruit exports

4,000 containers of cherries did not enter China on time and almost 50% of blueberry shipments present problems

Global logistical complications are wreaking havoc on Chilean fruit exports, which are being impacted by delays, the lack of available ships, and high freight costs.

According to data from IQonsulting, due to the delays, nearly 4,000 containers of Chilean cherries did not enter China on time, which is affecting the marketing of this fruit in its main market.

In fact, according to the president of the National Society of Agriculture (SNA), Cristian Allendes, approximately 30% of the volume of cherries has problems and poor returns.

“The fruit can take 15 days to get out of customs, which delays sales and buyers have started to lose interest because they found old fruit that did not have a rich flavor. Prices, which previously ranged between US$4 and US$3, will now stand at US$1,” he said.

Blueberries have also been affected, as, according to IQonsulting data, nearly 50% of the loads have had problems due to the 14 to 35 days delay in their arrival to the destination markets. According to estimates, 10% of this fruit has been totally lost.

The United States is one of the main markets for this fruit. According to Allendes, the US east coast logistics chain has also been under pressure due to the diversion of European ships that went to Russia and that have been redirected by the conflict with Ukraine.

Moreover, the country shipped 6.5 million boxes of table grapes in week 11 (peak shipments), i.e. about 4% less than in the same period. In this regard, the president of the Federation of Fruit Producers (Fedefruta), Jorge Valenzuela, said that they had only shipped half of the volume they were going to export and that 80% of the remaining half is in refrigerators, which has an enormous cost.

Valenzuela also added that it exporting traditional apples was no longer good business, due to the high cost of sending them abroad.

The president of the Association of Fruit Exporters (Asoex), Ronald Bown, said that they still have not quantified the impact that logistical problems would have on fruit exports, but that they could have a disastrous effect on them.

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