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Peruvian fruit and vegetable exports continue to grow

Shipments exceeded 5 billion dollars as of November 2021

Peruvian fruit and vegetable exports exceeded 5,123.619 million dollars between January and November 2021, i.e. 22% more than in the same period in 2020, stated the Agro-export Management of the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

According to the vice president of the Fruit and Vegetable Committee of the business association, Daniel Gonzalez Hernandez, both items had a good performance, in general terms, because there is a high international demand for fruits and vegetables. The COVID-19 outbreak has led consumers to opt for higher quality and nutritious products.

“Peru has the potential to become the planet’s main pantry. To achieve this potential, it’s vital to work hand in hand with the public sector, develop a food agro-export policy, improve the safety of our offer, enter new markets, and exhibit at fairs such as Expoalimentaria,” he said.

Fruit exports: Fruit exports totaled just over 4.198 billion dollars as of November 2021, i.e. 26% more than in the same period in 2020, the Agro-export Management of the business association stated.

The avocado was the most demanded fruit (1.166 billion dollars). Avocado exports increased by 42% and accounted for 28% of all fruit exports. It was closely followed by blueberries (1.165 billion dollars) with a 25% increase and also accounting for 28% of all fruit exports. They were followed by grape, mango, mandarin, banana, and pomegranate exports, among others.

The main destination was the US, which made purchases for 1,479.663 million dollars, i.e. 21% over the previous year, and accounting for 35% of all sales. The Netherlands ($1,009.296 million) ranked second with a 29% increase. The top ten was completed by the United Kingdom, Spain, Hong Kong, Chile, China, Canada, South Korea, and Russia. Of this group, China closed in the red (-10%), while Chile had the largest increase (126%).

Vegetable exports
As of November 2021, vegetable exports totaled 925.6 million dollars and presented a 4.4% variation over the same period in 2020.

Asparagus exports amounted to 483.754 million dollars, i.e. 5% more than in the previous year, and accounted for 52% of all vegetable exports. Artichokes exports amounted to 125.166 million dollars, onions exports to 88.384 million dollars, and ginger exports to 78.148 million dollars.

The US was the main destination with $473.82 million, a 6% increase over the previous year, and a 51% share of sales. It was followed by Spain (114.427 million dollars), the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. The top 10 destination markets were completed by Chile, France, Germany, Colombia, and Japan. The Netherlands, Brazil, and France decreased their orders by 3%, 11%, and 7%, respectively.

Peru is the world’s 12th biggest fruit supplier and its 19th biggest vegetable supplier.

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